November 18, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: ⏲ Screen time of any kind needs to be monitored & limited - I know it’s hard to say “no” to our tiny cuties, so let the timer do the dirty work! 

November 14, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: Give specific praise 👧🏽👱🏼‍♀️👦🏻“Good helping!” “Way to clean up!” “Awesome asking words!” 👏🏽😊👏🏽 That way they know exactly what makes you proud and will keep doing it! 

November 13, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 📚 I love wordless books! 😍They encourage creative storytelling, picture description, and out of context thinking 👏🏽#GoodnightGorilla is one of my top faves 💕

November 9, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: Think of sitting on a barstool with no foot rest? 🤔 It’s uncomfortable! 👎🏼Making sure your tiny friend’s feet are stabilized is key to a happy meal! ✨ You will see less wiggles, shifting, and overall discomfort 

November 8, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 👂🏿👂🏽👂🏻Little ears should be cleaned with a tissue after a bath 🛀 or shower 🚿We want to avoid Q-tips because they can cause wax buildup & impaction 🙈 If only we could be like long-tongued giraffes...but not really!...

November 7, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 💻 Screens promote self-direction, hyper-focused attention, and changes in behavior 👎🏼 Pediatricians now recommend limiting screen time to 1 hour per day for kids ages 2-5 ✅

November 6, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 📚 Pets continue to make awesome reading buddies! 💕I love that more and more programs are opening up! 👏🏽Kids are improving their literacy skills & confidence and pets are gaining wonderful socialization & affection from their tiny partners!...

November 5, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 📚Did you know that The Speech Teacher’s Handbook is cat-approved?! 😻Get yours today and help your little ones boost their speech & language ✨

November 4, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 📚 There is a book for everything these days! ✅ If your tiny friend is showing some new behaviors (biting) 😬 or needing to make a big transition (using the potty)🚽 look for books that can help! 

November 3, 2017

Pop of Knowledge: 😬 We all do it! We accidentally reinforce unwanted behaviors because sometimes it’s hard not to👎🏼 This is a friendly reminder to check in on those behaviors and be mindful about not feeding into them 

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   As The Speech Teacher, I post daily ‘Pops of Knowledge’ on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that consist of facts, tricks of the trade, at home activities, and product recommendations. I believe that the more you know – as a parent or caregiver – the stronger you will be in supporting your little one’s speech, language, and feeding development.  To help you achieve this, my focus is on providing you with fun & functional suggestions.

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