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the speech teacher books

Tea With Oliver by Mika Song is an adorable story!  The book uses simple language, provides perfect opportunities for WH questions, and has a ton of silly sounds waiting to be imitated! Remember sound imitation comes before word imitation! 

Say Zoop is a wonderful new book from Herve Tullet (author of Press Here). I love this book because it promotes following directions and imitation of sounds! Remember kids are more likely to imitate gestures & sounds before they imitate words! Best news: your little one will love it! 

Todd Parr Books

I love these books because they use simple language to teach important lessons!

Ellie is a story about zoo animals who need to save their home. The book uses simple language and beautiful pictures, perfectly designed for labeling and answering Wh questions. 🏼I love teaching BIG concepts in a simple way! 

Everyone will fall in love with The Pout Pout Fish. It has the perfect sing-song, rhyming pattern that is sure to promote spontaneous language from your little one! And the surprise ending is sure to turn all frowns upside down.

This book perfectly captures everyday feelings that all little ones experience with beautiful pictures and simple language!

This one is perfect for little ones and adults! We all could use an inspiring reminder. 

Making mistakes is hard for a lot of little ones! This book brings to light the beauty in all those little things that may look like an oops!

This book has stories about greed, vanity, and pride. I love teaching BIG concepts in simple & easy ways for little ones to understand. 

This book perfectly describes the many personalities of our little ones! The best part is that it uses animals so that it is more tangible and concrete for little ones to understand. We are all loud like a lion, shy like a shrimp, etc. 

This is an adorable addition to your bedtime routine! It is the perfect book for getting your little one to imitate with the silly sounds and repetitive language. I love how every page has a different sound, animal, and action. 

An awesome starter book for practicing body parts!

This is a simple, repetitive book to help you introduce potty training! 

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Not Quite Narwhal is an adorable book about a unicorn who is a part of a narwhal family.  This story has a powerful, loving message and uses simple language for our little ones! 

The Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Books are wonderful! They encourage interaction from your little one and are sure to keep them engaged! These books are full of stories to be told, directions to be followed, and questions to be answered! 

This book is part of a series of silly stories! The sing-song rhythm and repetitive language promote imitation. They also provide 'carrier phrases' to help children fill in the blanks. 

 I love this series! Pete the Cat uses awesome songs to teach a variety of everyday concepts. Your child will fall in love with these stories. 

These books teach big concepts such as biting, hitting, nose picking, potty training, and more! They use simple, repetitive language that is easy for little ones to understand. 

This book is part of the Go Away Big Green Monster series. It is an amazing book for our little ones to talk about big emotions! 

This book has a simple story, uses repetitive language, action words, and a ton of opportunities to ask & answer questions. 

This book is a wonderful reminder that we all march to the beat of our own drum!

This book is perfect to promote imitation! Use your best silly voices throughout and your little one is sure to play along. 

This is the first book of the Mindful Mantras series. ✨It uses simple language to explain various scenarios in which a tiny friend feels BIG feelings. But he uses his "I can handle it" mantra and figures out multiple, silly solutions. 

This awesome book uses simple language to describe the different "shades" we all come in (peach, almond, cocoa, etc.) I love the explanation that our skin is simply our wrapping paper. We are all beautifully different and these incredible photos show it!

This is a perfect book for little ones - and I lovethis flap version! It has simple language, action words, repetitive language, and a clever story. The flaps allow for increased interaction from your little one.

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