This beginner bowl is uniquely designed for little ones with its no slip bottom and sloped walls! It pairs perfectly with the Gootensil as well. 

This trainer cup is just like drinking from a regular open cup, however it has a safety lid to prevent too much flow. 

These straws are awesome! They are fully functioning straws with a flexible, durable, chewy design. I have kids who use them as fidgets outside of mealtime as well.

It is super important for our little ones to play with their food! It decreases mealtime anxiety, allows for exposure of new textures and smells, and encourages a positive relationship with food! 

This is a silicone feeder & teether in one! Allow your little one to experiment with new flavors, textures, and temperatures without the worry.

 Put any soft food inside and mash it in the pouch before spoon feeding it to your little one! 

Perfect for picky eaters who do not like to touch certain food textures. Super easy for little hands to pick up as well! 

 An awesome starter utensil! The little knobs fit tiny grasps perfectly. 

He can sit with your little one during meals and take bites too! He helps picky eaters feel safe and allows for great exposure. Even if your child feeds Milton non-preferred foods instead of taking their own bite, that is still a huge step! 

This is an awesome resource for recipes & helpful tips on food transitions for your little one! 

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A safe way to introduce finger foods and new textures! Works well with fresh fruit and veggies. I also use it for kids who are having difficulty accepting dry crunchy finger foods (cheerios, puffs, etc.) It allows them to experience the new sounds and textures without the risk of choking or gagging.

This masher is awesome for quick and easy meal prep! Great for mashing up table foods to introduce to your little one. 

This is a wonderful bowl and placemat-in-one! It suctions to the table creating less clean up. I also love that the smile makes for perfect food sections.

Here is one of my favorite starter spoons! Two spoons come in the set - 1 for thin purees and 1 for thicker purees. It is perfect for when your little one is ready to self-feed! 

The perfect tray for the kid who needs more motivation during mealtime! You can create "bites" for each section. Also you can use the tray as the "treat" holder for preferred foods that your child earns after he or she eats the new or non-preferred food from another bowl or plate.

This is an awesome transition cup for kids who may need to take a baby step! You can use it when transitioning from the breast or the bottle. 

 I recommend this cup when transitioning off of the sippy cup - this cup replicates drinking from an open cup but has the added benefit of handles and a no-spill lid!

When your child is ready to graduate from the Munchkin Miracle Trainer cup - same spill proof lid without the handles.

This is a perfect straw cup to start with! I love the weighted straw, which helps little ones drink from a variety of angles. 

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