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This engaging, easy-to-follow handbook provides parents with functional tips for helping their children improve speech and language skills at home, while having fun at the same time.


"What a gift to parents who want to help their little ones master the complexities of talking and listening! The skills Molly Rai Dresner lays out are all clear, compassionate and doable."

- Adele Faber, co-author of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk


“If you are looking for a short, easy-to-read guide that will keep you focused and empower your parenting decisions – look no further! Once you implement these strategies, you will be asking yourself, ‘where did this chatty child come from?’” - Dawn Winkelmann, M.S. CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist & Feeding Specialist


“A perfect resource for any caretaker or parent who wants to improve their child’s communication skills. Highly recommend!”

- Mahsa Akhavan, MD

The Speech Teacher's Handbook
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What a world we would live in if we taught our children how NICE they are from the very start!

You’re So Nice, Baby is a unique board book that teaches tots to use their body through positive affirmations. It is never too early to teach little ones the power that they hold. All babies and toddlers will test us, the boundaries, and their own capabilities; this book guides them in the right direction. 

Look at those hands baby,

Ready to help and hold

You have NICE hands baby,

Hands that do as they’re told! 

Your baby will learn about his or her body parts and their functions through sing-song rhythm and rhyme. Molly Dresner uses encouraging language and repetition to reinforce these big life lessons in a sweet and simple package that everyone will love! 

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