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Speech activities from The Speech Teacher

Have you played Feed The Woozle?! It's a speechy game for little ones that builds vocabulary, fine motor skills, attention, turn-taking, counting, and more! Get yours today! 

This game is great for practicing sound & letter awareness. You can play I Spy for the letters needed for each word, match letters, name them, etc. 

Here is an awesome version of Bingo to build vocabulary in a more fun and engaging way! 

This toy is fantastic for the right child! I use it as a 'time in' when children need to take a calm moment to regulate. Some kids will perseverate or become hyperfocused - it is all about trial and error.

 I love all of Melissa and Doug's products!! This molding set is wonderful because of the variety of textures, shapes, and colors.

This stuff is so fun and more durable than play-doh!

There are multiple brands that sell water beads but I have used this type and they are awesome! I put waterproof/bath toys in the bucket with the beads to promote identification, labeling, WH questions, etc. 

The bath is a sensory rich learning experience and toys like these have a big impact! It is especially helpful for our picky eaters who need multiple exposures in different contexts (play food still counts!)

 It is equally fun for adults & little ones! You draw two cards and the first one to see an image that is on both cards wins! I love it for building attention to task, identification skills, labeling objects, word finding, etc. There are also new themed versions

Little ones under 5 learn from objects more so than pictures alone. I love the Building Language Lotto set for the variety in categories (house, animals, clothing, etc.) You can work on matching, identifying, labeling, answering WH questions, and my favorite: object function! (Example: "what does a clock tell us?" "What do we use to call someone?" etc.)

I love these action mats! 🏼They are perfect for an obstacle course, movement break, Simons Says type game, etc. 

Hedbanz is a fun & functional game for little ones! Build your little one's language & vocabulary and watch them enjoy every minute. 

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This is awesome for our little ones who put everything in their mouths!

Snack Attack is fun for all little ones! It builds vocabulary skills, helps with identification and matching, promotes turn-taking and appropriate social skills, and is awesome exposure for picky eaters! 

This puzzle has hidden pictures underneath each piece for more opportunities for identification, labeling, and answering questions! :) 

These microphones are winning the imitation game! They provide a fun way to practice turn-taking and imitation. 

A play mat provides more opportunities for little ones to expand car and train play.  Children learn new vocabulary words, follow directions, answer questions, and more! 

An awesome way to get wiggles out and follow directions!

These sticker pads provide endless opportunities to create different scenes! They promote identification, labeling, answering questions, and following directions. 

 I love this magnet board because it promotes early vocalizations (e.g. beep beep, knock knock, etc.) and you can practice a ton of language goals! 

 This game is easy to take along in the car and comes with a variety of categories to practice (animals, colors, automobiles, etc.) 

A simple puzzle but the format provides endless opportunities! I add different velcro picture pieces under each bug so that I can practice more language goals using the same fun puzzle. 

Same format as the bug puzzle, but a different theme! 

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